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Our way of work


Ideally, a 60s script can cover up 140-150 words. Keeping it in mind, after listening and jotting down your specific requirements, we craft a stellar piece of script content that clearly explains your message. Here, we deliver the script to you to find out if it needs any modifications to finalize the script.


In storyboarding phase, we take that finalized script and create a scene-by-scene sequence that conveys the message visually. Therefore, we won't work further without your approval. At first, we share a few frames with you. Lastly, when we get a green signal from you, we complete it and then again send it to you for feedback to move towards the next step.

Voice Over

Our isometric explainer video services also include voiceover from our professional and well-equipped voiceover artists. You can pick a voice of your choice. Our excellent voiceover artists will add life with their lively voice in your video. Here he will use the script that you have already agreed upon. Not to mention, we will again share the work with you for modification or any suggestions.


At last, we put together all of the previously done work and fine-tune the overall end product. Also, we rectify flaws and fix them again to rest assure that your message is perfectly portrayed in the video. Here, your desired video is done, but still, you can share your feedback if it needs any fixation; we are always up to make it according to your brand needs.

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Producing Running Isometric Explanatory Animated Visuals that Perfectly Depicts Your Brand Values

An explainer video directly hits your audience’s heart and makes them crave to know more about your business.

Explainer Mojo is an isometric explainer video agency that creates potential isometric explainer videos that sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. For this, we have built up a strong team of creative designers and skilled animators who put their best efforts to turn a boring corporate or business message into a catchy one that excites, engages, and magnetizes your audience



12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

Influential Script

An isometric explainer video is what plays a vital role in grabbing attention from the viewer, and that video with a lifeless script doesn't work well. With that said, our professional scriptwriters who are experts in writing tailor-made influential script content will convert your audience immensely with their magical words.

Authentic Creative Work

We believe in originality and authenticity. Therefore, we always pour our genuinely crafted creative work coming right away from the hands of our professionals to spice up your brand.

Dash of Psychology

We don't just use words, colors, or visuals without any reason. We sprinkle the dash of psychology all over our isometric explainer video strategy. From colors to visuals, from scripts to voiceovers, we implement best psychological practices that make your brand irresistible.

Natural Voice Over

Explainer Mojo also has voiceover professionals with a solid grip over delivering their voice in the tone and accent you admire. We will offer numerous voice audio samples to you so you can choose out of it that best suits your brand values and requirements,

Frequent Notify

We don't leave you in the middle of an unknown state. Instead, when we start working on your project, we keep you updated with the work progress. We frequently notify you to get your views and feedback to make the work according to your needs.

Secured Information

At Mojo Explainer, we don't disclose our clients' work-related information. We always seize and secure it and keep it confidential that no one can reach without your permission.

Limitless Modifications

Your inner satisfaction is our topmost priority. First, pour our best services to do the work up to your expectations. But, if something is not appealing to you then, don't hesitate to identify it. Because we will do the revisions in every stage until you are fully satisfied.

On Time delivery

First and foremost, we take deadlines too seriously. Whether you have an upcoming launch or a last-minute project, we have got your back. Our team is always prepared to deliver videos on short notices so that you can meet your deadlines.

We Are Polyglot too

You don't need your explainer video in English? No worries at all! Explainer Mojo is polyglot, and we are highly capable of creating isometric explainer videos in multiple languages with no-hassle. From French to German, from Portuguese to Espanol, we can make it for you. Want your video in any other language? We can also do that!

Customized PRICES

Need our services, but you want the prices aligned with your budget? It's not a big deal for us. We make sure that we provide excellent value to your brand that won't break your bank. We will modify it the way your wallet wants.


At Explainer Mojo, we appoint a separate Project Manager to our client. Who’s responsibility is to wipe away all of your queries and confusion. Additionally, our dedicated project manager will supervise each matter and deliver the work in your hand.

Cost Effectiveness

In need of our isometric explainer video services but don't have big bucks to pay the bill? Then, we are still up to assist you in your hard times. With our cost-effective rates, you get the incredible value you want!

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Have Questions ? We Got Answers !

You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. The complete details of the video ownership and its rights are published in our Video Services Agreement.
We have a huge list of trusted clients who have always chosen to work with us. The list includes some of world market’s biggest names and they’ve trusted us every time because we value and loyalty and honesty to our clients above everything.
We put a collaborative effort from around the world from different trained professionals who are masters in their fields. These people include animators, background voice-overs, composers, directors and sound designers. While we also have people working in-house with us, we form a team that focuses entirely on your project and brings out the best suitable video for you.
The video we make will be a team collaboration that will include your input as well. After each part of the video is made, you will be asked to make revisions and edits. After everything is revised, we will put together the final masterpiece.
The final costing of the video ultimately always depends on the content, style, theme and complexity of the video. A generalised amount for an animated video usually lies somewhere between $12-25k, however this may vary according to the video length. Live action videos usually range somewhere between $30-35k since its dependent on the number of days and locations required.
A proper and attractive video is usually somewhere between 30-120 seconds long, a time long enough to send out a proper message and be relatively less time consuming to avoid being too annoying. This may mean that we have to cut out some of your favourite parts but only more important parts will be considered over those.
We’ve been making videos for all types of brands and industries. This means that we are trained for working on TV commercials, explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, customer testimonials and live action videos.
The production time behind a video usually makes up for 4-5 weeks which is totally dependent on the length, type and complexity of the video. This does not include the time we give you for your feedback, which, on average, is usually 3-4 weeks, and is dependent on the number of requests and edits you ask us to make in the video.
  1. Forming a concept and building a script around it.
  2. Working behind the story of the video.
  3. Drawing the illustrations and the background voice clips.
  4. Developing the animations.
  5. Broadcasting and reviewing.
  6. Publishing it for your access.

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