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6 Facts You Didn't Know About An Explainer Video


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What is an explainer video?

Well, there is a slight chance that you already know what it is since you’re here reading this but: Explainer videos are online marketing videos, that explains to the customers what a company produces or provides.

To keep it simple, if you have a brand or a business that needs some marketing and exposure, but the general public doesn’t know much about it, well guess what you need? Yes, an explainer video!!!

Not to brag, but we are kind of amazing at what we do
We’re pretty sure that you have a brand that needs selling, so fear not, we are here.

It is only fair to say that multi-million dollar marketing budgets can also fail to keep the attention of a customer. But what if you could gain that attention without having a multi-million budget? Pssssttt. We mean, what if we make you an explainer video that promises you results?

Call us. Email us. Switch two trains if you have to, for that phone call, but do it immediately. We are waiting to make you famous.



For us, it’s DO or DIE. And we don’t want to die! We only use original and unique artwork produced by our team of creative professionals. Everything we make is custom made especially for you and your brand!


Your satisfaction is very important to us, so we promise to make as many revisions as needed until you have your story presented the way you like it. We strongly believe there won’t be need for revisions as we are that great, but in case you ask for it – we are up for it!


With our fast delivery, you can make sure that you will have your video done in a record time. If there would be a matching discipline at the Olympics, we would take Gold!

Our Prices

You can always check our price packages and find out what you can get from us. We promise to be fair!

Cost Effectiveness

We are cool and not greedy at all. With us you can get your video done on budget! In oppose to most of our competitors we even give more than you pay for, so you might even save for a vacation (maybe a new bathing suit or speedos as well).

We love Science

The effectiveness of explainer videos on chosen targeted audiences is proven to increase the general interest for 50% and more than regular marketing strategies. We love science! Don’t you?

Our Scripts are Awesome!

Our writing team is dedicated to delivering real attention grabbers so everyone would hear your story and immediately start loving it! We promise to deliver only original scripts, especially designed to engage your audience!

Professional Voice Overs

We work with some of the top voice over actors and with professional recording equipment, so your story would get the tone it deserves!

Safe and Protected

Have some top secrets and sensitive info you want us to keep from the public? No problem, everyone has secrets! We gladly accept signing NDA if needed!

We are Multilingual Too!

In case you would like to have your story told in a different language other than English, we’ve got your back there to! We can also scratch your back when we are already at it! In Spanish, Italian, German or any other language.

Regular Updates

We promise to update you regularly on your project’s progress as we are going through the five stages of crating your video. Yes, you can spy on us!

Our Project Manager

Our project manager is a hell of a guy, so he will be there for you to assist you and answer to any doubts you might have as your project is being finished on the budget and on time!

Looking to get your video done urgently?

We are only great what we do – we can also be fast! Flash has nothing on us. Learn more about how you can get your explainer video exclusively on time.

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We will do that for you !
You just need to sit back, relax and hear out people we helped find their mojo!
Grab some pop corns!

Jessica Wilson

Marketing Manager at Merge Right Marketing

Daniel Anderson

Co Founder & CEO at Small Dog Creative

Tennile Tasker

Producer and Editor at Bottega Creative

We Like It Crowded

One of our min goals is converting your potentials into your loyal and returning audience/customers. No magic, no mantras: our secret weapon is creativity and our mojo!

We Make It Easier

No long, dull, boring introductions and no need for chasing your customers and risk getting a restraining order (sorry for the joke, we can’t help it!) – with your explainer video set on your site, explaining what your business is all about is made 1000000000000000% easier!

OH Darwin!

Even in the universe where evolution never happened and where we are still monkeys walking around clueless, everyone would be able to understand what your business, idea or technology is about with our explainer video. We make it simpler!

Oh I Get It !

This is the reaction your video will be getting as all of your viewers will go: “Oh, yes, I see the point.” The next thing they would probably say is: “I want in!” or “I want that!”. Then they will ask themselves: “Who made this super awesome genius video?”


Famous rock stars and celebrities have them, so why wouldn’t you? We can make sure that you get your own squad of loyal fans who would recommend you and stick with you.

We Know we are that Awesome

We guarantee you will prospect from our explainer videos! With squads of loyal fans, returning customers and hundreds and thousands of shares, we know you will benefit from our videos for years to come!


We produce explainer videos in different languages including…








Over 90% of received information that remains remembered comes from seeing things, rather than from hearing or reading. It looks like this makes explainer videos a perfect way of telling your story and have people remember it. Sharing is caring, right? According to the statistics, posts with videos are more likely to be shared on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter then posts without videos.