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It pays to be original and creative in your online marketing efforts. Providing visitors with an explainer video is one way to stand out and raise awareness about your brand . The use of animation and whiteboard adds to the production’s intrigue. Here are some examples of how whiteboard explainer videos can energize your website and boost your business.

1. What is a White Board Animation Video?

No matter what type of business you run, whiteboard animation explainer videos are an excellent way to capture people’s attention. It is a technique for appealing to people on both emotional and logical levels. The artwork is realistic, but it is the result of creative thinking . The most compelling aspect of this type of video is that it educates the viewers on the brand. Explainer videos can be linked to sign-ups and purchases in a variety of ways. The video script should emphasize an informative viewpoint.

Many people prefer to learn from videos rather than books because it is easier to absorb information while watching and having the option to pause and go to the kitchen for a drink.

●  Explainer Video Types

Please don’t be concerned that explainer videos will become so popular that they will all have the same feel. The variety of explainer video types allows you to be creative enough to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few examples of explainer videos:

  • Explainer Videos in Live-Action
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Explainer Videos with a Whiteboard
  • Explainer Videos for Kickstarter

The use of real people gives the production a more grounded presentation and a more human emotional feel. Animation is particularly effective for describing software and other intangible goods and services.

●  Does It Work?

According to studies, 90% of people who watch explainer videos will share them with their friends if they find them interesting. Well-produced authoritative whiteboard videos can have a positive impact on the brain while also improving cognitive abilities.

The whiteboard animation format enhances learning by making it more memorable. It makes educational or instructional videos so appealing is that can be shared with friends and colleagues as an easy learning tool.

Explainer videos are all about explaining how things work in simple terms. They are helpful for quickly training employees, which is ideal for temp agencies and startups.

It’s an efficient way to introduce a new product or service to the market and educate the public about it. The format has a high potential for being reactive, inspirational, and motivating.

●  SEO Benefits

Google has updated its algorithm to include video activity monitoring, which may increase the visibility of informative videos that hold people’s attention for more extended periods.

Explainer videos have a greater than 50% chance of being watched in their entirety than traditional videos. The longer people watch your videos, the more likely you are to persuade Google or your brand’s authority in the online community.

2.  Why use White Board Animation Video?

  • hand-drawn art appears scientific and convincing
  • animated writing and erasing on a chalkboard appears entertaining
  • can be easily edited or updated
  • low cost, ease of operation

3. Benefits Of White Board Animation

If you’re looking for whiteboard animation services, you’ve come to the right place.

●  Complex Ideas

A whiteboard video can be helpful if the product or system you want to describe is complex or highly technical. People frequently become bored during explanations, and the more detailed the reasons, the more difficult it is to focus.

Whether you’re pushing a product on a squeeze page or sharing a new business process with your team, using a high-quality whiteboard animation video to get your point across will keep your audience’s attention for the duration of the video.

This is because whiteboard animations are fast-paced, visually detailed, and frequently colourful, making them accessible and enjoyable to watch—for as long as it takes to explain the concept.

●  Covered A Lot Of Ideas All At Once

A whiteboard video is ideal if you need to cover a large amount of information in the presentation for reasons similar to those stated above. You can include many different ideas in the same video without losing viewer interest because ideas unfold visually as the narrator describes what’s going on.

●  Got Another Business’s Attention.

Were you aware that B2B marketing animation movies from whiteboards are equally successful as other videos? The industrial but casual style of Whiteboard animation videos works amazingly well in a business environment.With the help of your offers, whiteboard services may provide you with a significant edge over rivals if you contact others.

●  Avoid Lousy Actors At All Costs

You don’t need to hire actors to play in your video if you use whiteboard animation. This can save you a lot of money. But it can also save you a lot of embarrassment—good, convincing actors are hard to come by, and bad ones will have your audience cringing throughout the presentation. This issue is eliminated by animation.

●  Use Social Media Marketing

For your marketing, whiteboard animation movies are perfect for this format if you want to use YouTube or social media announcements. People like them, so you’ll get a lot of views, clicks, and sales.

●  Tell A Story

No one does whiteboard animation video services better if you want your film to communicate a portion of your brand’s story. Disney demonstrated over 100 years ago that animation is a compelling means of telling tales. Why not go along with this tradition?

●  Use Humor

If you want to include humour in your video presentation, whiteboard animation videos is an excellent method. When amateur performers try to be humorous on camera, they may be uncomfortable and irritating, but whiteboard animation’s laid-back visual approach can express comedy effortlessly.

●  Reuse Old Audio Content

 If you wish to reuse other forms of content, such as a podcast episode or a lecture you delivered, you may combine pre-existing audio with whiteboard animation. This will assist you in capitalizing on previously generated material and will undoubtedly breathe new life into it.


Whiteboard animation videos can assist you in successfully presenting something boring but necessary, such as legal terminology. People learn more effectively when they can see something being conveyed graphically. Using animation in conjunction with narration can assist your audience grasp and remember what you’re saying.


The business competition is quite tough these days. New and effective strategies required to expand and stand out. The online world has created many impactful ways, assisting in the marketing of services and product. One of the ways that making an impression and helping in better online presence animated videos. it one of those effective strategies which help to boost business and provides better outcomes.

Animated videos made by combining audio and visual effects and inserting images taken from different sources. The procedure includes designing, layout, drawings and different photographic sequences. The application of multimedia effects and special effects gives the illusion of movement. The multimedia animated videos include texts, clip arts, visuals, audios, videos and animation.

animated video

These days animations are being used everywhere whether it’s Tv commercials, formal presentations or model designing. These videos are the best way to explain a concept and highlight the key points in a simple yet effective manner. The use of animated videos in the growth of the business can cause a huge difference as It keeps the targeted audience engaged.


It helps you engage with targeted customers Research shows that one-third of online activities based on watching videos. Therefore, it the best way to engage your targeted audience. Create impactful content by using animated videos to capture potential customers.

Improved SEO

Inserting animated videos in your website is a great way to rank your business in top google searches and hence, improved SEO. Animated videos are helpful as they increase the amount of time customer spends on the website which results in an explosive growth of the website.

Clients easily understand the product

It is a great way to grab the attention of clients and impress them. Nobody wants to watch boring PowerPoint presentations. Therefore, it advised using the services of explainer video production to create interesting animated videos highlighting the features of the product and keeping the client engage and interested throughout the video.

Expand reach

Every business owners want to reach as many customers as possible. Ith the help of effective animated videos you can expand your reach via Facebook, Linkedln In, Twitter and other social media applications.

Promotes brand development

Through animated videos, you can be creative and add appealing colour schemes, logos, brand icons, themes and brand images etc. Animated videos are undoubtedly, effective marketing tool that helps to promote business, services and ideas.

What are the different types of animation videos?

Different types of animations are used to create impactful content such as 2D animation is the common and most used type of animation. Two-dimensional images are created according to the height and width of the video. 2D animation is widely used in creating animations.

3D animation is created by adding depth to the height and width to 2D images. By adding texture, objects, lights and realistic setting and the insertion of 3D images makes visualization of videos better. Effective brand marketing involves the usage of 3D images. Explainer videos services are very effective to highlight features and product offers. Text and graphics in the videos make it lively and engaging.

Whiteboard Animation videos are gaining popularity as it illustrates artwork with the help of pen and marker on the whiteboard. It is widely being used in the marketing of businesses as it is quite effective in engaging the audience.

Importance of animated videos in a business

Once the product is created, it requires smart and effective marketing for its growth. Therefore, connect with the right video production company and create an engaging animated video showcasing the right features of the product. There is no doubt that the right marketing can easily boost the sale rate of the product.

It helps to boost the SEO of the website

According to the Google algorithm, search rankings include the amount of time spent on a website therefore, incorporating animated videos is the best way to boost the SEO of a website. Searches show that most searches pages include animated videos.

Easy to understand

The use of 2D images or whiteboard is an effective way to describe the features of the product. Due to simple explanation and graphics, the client will understand better.

Animated videos create an impact

Animated videos showcasing features of the product in a compelling manner, plays a big role in engaging customers. The customers will remember the features due to the use of illusions and effects. Therefore, the use of animated video is the best way to connect with customers.

How animated video helps to grow business?

If you want to expand your business and reach more potential customers then the animated video can do wonders. Just make sure to use the right techniques. Therefore, it suggested seeking an animated explainer video production, in order to incorporate the right animations and do the right marketing.

Easy to share

Due to the multiple options available, it is easy to share animated videos. It helps you to connect with potential customers and increase the visibility of video.

Generates audience interest

If you create engaging content, the viewer will automatically take an interest in the product. These videos assist in establishing the online presence of the brand or product, ultimately attracts the interest of the targeted audience.

Enhanced conversation rate

Business goals achieved by incorporating the right marketing strategy. Animated videos help in achieving improved sales goal and create a long-lasting impression on the viewer.


From the above-stated factors, it is clear that animation videos play a huge role in conveying the clear, concise and right message to the targeted audience. It not only promises growth of business as well as higher returns in investments.


How much does an animated video cost?

There no fixed cost for videos. It entirely depends upon the need, style of animation, themes you want. Video production costs according to the demand of the client. There are different packages available at different video explain productions. You can choose from them according to your business goals and needs.

How long the video should be?

The video should be about 60 seconds but as it depends upon the content you are displaying. The length can go 90-120 seconds as well.

What can I achieve using videos?

Explainer video production provides you umber of services that will help you achieve your desired business goals such as

  • More customers
  • Greater audience engagement
  • More traffic on the website
  • Improved visibility of the brand
  • Conveys clear message with a long-lasting impression

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