Telling a Powerful Tale Through Animated Videos

Telling a Powerful Tale Through Animated Videos

Present-day technology has a massive impact on the animation industry; pushing professionals to keep innovating and leveling up in order to keep up with the current. Every year, new trends continue to take the industry by storm, shaping how we perceive the art of animation. Animation doesn’t just work for entertainment purposes, it also acts as a powerful tool for businesses and organizations.

See, companies nowadays use explainer videos to share their message and advocate their mission. Looking at it, major brands utilize animated videos and motion graphics to tell their brand stories. Their success draws startups and small businesses to try to use these masterful videos for their own.

However, it’s not easy to find the right production team that can create stunning animated videos for your project or business. At Explainer Mojo, we create unique, bespoke, and slick animated videos that link ideas to emotions. Based in London, our company is widely known for its passion for creating engaging explainer videos for businesses of all sizes.

That said, we want to prove to you that we have what it takes to deliver what we promise. Just recently, we’ve received our first review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform dedicated to helping corporate buyers learn more about different service providers.

An analyst from Clutch conducted an interview with the Founder of Medyca, a healthcare connection program. The project is relatively new, and our team had the honor of working on it during the first two months of the year. Telling a Powerful Tale Through Animated Videos

Our team created an animated explainer video that showcases the client’s services from a third-party customer’s perspective. The client genuinely appreciated our efforts, and according to the review, we’ve exceeded their expectations.


When the analyst asked about the most impressive aspect of the engagement, the client responded:


“The video is great. I liked that they were completely open to revisions to make sure little details were exactly how we wanted. Their service was definitely above my expectations.”

— Founder, Medyca


We are truly thankful for this lovely review. It’s a great sign of what’s ahead for our team this 2021. We look forward to creating more incredible videos for our clients.

The Manifest

Explainer Mojo isn’t just known for its video production services. Our company recently recognized by The Manifest, a B2B news platform, as one of London’s best sound effect companies.

This acknowledgment feels surreal. We are truly grateful that our other services are also recognized. Interested? Shoot us a message and let’s collaborate to bring your dream video to life.

Tips for Startups

If you have a good idea and you are ready to begin building a new business, you will probably find yourself asking where to start. What are the first steps that will take you in the right direction? The first step towards success is to have a plan in place. If you have a business plan and a direction you will be more successful. There are so many free resources online that will guide you through while you are structuring and writing your business plan. When you finish the plan, follow it. You cannot do all by yourself, so do not try to do it. If you do not have a big budget, then try to find volunteers. Try to get more people on board who already have experience, like mentors, who can help you in your business. Learn who are you trying to reach? Find out who needs your product or your information? Always take the time to do market research and make a list of who you are selling to and find out how to find them. Make sure that you stay in touch with your audience and see how they feel about certain product or service, whether they like it or not. You can create surveys and this way you can find out how they really feel. Do not forget, criticism will only help you improve. At the beginning, you can easily get side tracked by opportunities that seem like a good idea, but they are not. If you try to juggle multiple ventures you will lose effectiveness and productivity, so try to do one thing perfectly rather than do ten things poorly. You must know what you need to earn to keep your business afloat. Always set realistic goals, and try to make them happen. You have to set your rates like you are selling the value of your product or service, and not the service or product itself. You might ask yourself why there are so many entrepreneurs that succeed, while there are others that do not. You have to want it badly, it is that simple. Those people that succeed, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen. It is not easy to run a business, especially at the beginning. You have to be prepared for the long hours of work and no sleep, tough critics and also disappointments. If you are tough enough, and you go through all the tough times then you will succeed in the end. Take the first step. You cannot wait to have it all together because that will never happen. If you have spend enough time planning and you have a great idea and you also have idea where you are headed then just go for it. Be prepared for new ideas too, be prepared to make some changes along the way. You will never know what a great journey is ahead of you if you do not take the first step.

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