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Our Video Production Process

Concept & Script Writing

An exceptional video is as compelling as the story and writing behind it. After having the concept locked in, we develop a strong script for your cartoon explainer video that connects with your audience and triggers them to take action. We then submit a draft script and request your feedback to make sure we're in the right direction.

Storyboard Development

The storyboard is a sequence of graphics created scene by scene with script and animation notes. The storyboard gives an insight into our idea of how we have visualized the script and gives you an understanding of the final video. It can be updated and refined based on your feedback and our suggestions until we feel the storyboard is ideal.

Professional voice-over

Without the addition of emotions and the right pitch, the video is still incomplete. We make sure to comprise all the important aspects of an incredible cartoon explainer video. We pick and choose the most fitting voice-over artist for your video or give you a chance to pick one from our available list.

Animation & Editing

This is where all the illustrations, voices, typography are brought into life to create the final cartoon explainer video. This is the most critical stage among all of the previous ones. Therefore, we take most of our time in doing the animation. By the end of this stage, you’ve got your video ready and, of course, you can request any amendment until you are fully happy with the final outcome.

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cartoon explainer videos add a magical touch to your story and allow your customers to connect with your message that is concise and memorable

Also, Explainer Mojo makes this process easier and flawless with a detailed and story telling. We believe that nothing can replace the value of time. Hence, the time of your customers is the real worth for you. As a result, in only 1 to 2 minutes you will be able to tell your story to your audience.



what makes us the best fit for you


Our scripts are so powerful that grabs your viewer's attention within seconds We always make sure that your message is conveyed with maximum clarity, understanding, and impact.

Unique and Custom artwork

We believe in creativity and uniqueness. Therefore, we always pour our genuinely crafted creative work coming right away from the hands of our professionals specially designed for you to zhoosh your brand.


The effectiveness of explainer videos on chosen targeted audiences is proven to increase the general interest by 50% and more than regular marketing strategies. We keep all the marketing trends in consideration while producing your video following with your audience's psychology.


If you like to have a voice-over for your video, it's essential to know that the voice-over is the heart of your video. When you select one of our voice-over artists, we make sure that it delivers the right tone and emotions

Your approval on each stage

We will work side by side with you. For us, seeking your your approval on each step and making sure you are satisfied is our topmost priority. Also, we will keep you updated on the work progress.


Have some top secrets and sensitive info you want us to keep from the public? No problem, We gladly accept signing NDA if needed.


Our team keeps working till we achieve your satisfaction and successfully bring your vision to life. In addition, if something is not appealing to you then, don't hesitate to inform us about it. Because we will do the required in every stage until you are fully satisfied

Advance delivery dates

First and foremost, we take deadlines too seriously. We'll give you specific dates in advance. Which gives you the ability to forecast every deliverable and be prepared to review it.


In case you would like to have your story told in a different language other than English, we’ve got your back there too! We can produce your video in any language be it Spanish, French, German, or any other language.


The budget is limited? don't worry, we are not greedy at all. We believe that every business should have an opportunity to have a video regardless of their budget. If your budget meets our prices, Awesome! If not, we won't leave you high and dry and find you a solution that is the best value for money.


We won't leave you scratching your head and wondering about your video progress, or knock on doors to seek updates. A dedicated project manager will assist you throughout the process and guide you in each matter until the video is delivered in your hand.


We believe in working within the possibilities of our clients.With our cost-effective rates, you get the incredible value you want!

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You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. The complete details of the video ownership and its rights are published in our Video Services Agreement.
We have a huge list of trusted clients who have always chosen to work with us. The list includes some of world market’s biggest names and they’ve trusted us every time because we value and loyalty and honesty to our clients above everything.
We put a collaborative effort from around the world from different trained professionals who are masters in their fields. These people include animators, background voice-overs, composers, directors and sound designers. While we also have people working in-house with us, we form a team that focuses entirely on your project and brings out the best suitable video for you.
The video we make will be a team collaboration that will include your input as well. After each part of the video is made, you will be asked to make revisions and edits. After everything is revised, we will put together the final masterpiece.
The final costing of the video ultimately always depends on the content, style, theme and complexity of the video. A generalised amount for an animated video usually lies somewhere between $12-25k, however this may vary according to the video length. Live action videos usually range somewhere between $30-35k since its dependent on the number of days and locations required.
A proper and attractive video is usually somewhere between 30-120 seconds long, a time long enough to send out a proper message and be relatively less time consuming to avoid being too annoying. This may mean that we have to cut out some of your favourite parts but only more important parts will be considered over those.
We’ve been making videos for all types of brands and industries. This means that we are trained for working on TV commercials, explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, customer testimonials and live action videos.
The production time behind a video usually makes up for 4-5 weeks which is totally dependent on the length, type and complexity of the video. This does not include the time we give you for your feedback, which, on average, is usually 3-4 weeks, and is dependent on the number of requests and edits you ask us to make in the video.
  1. Forming a concept and building a script around it.
  2. Working behind the story of the video.
  3. Drawing the illustrations and the background voice clips.
  4. Developing the animations.
  5. Broadcasting and reviewing.
  6. Publishing it for your access.

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