How can animated videos positively impact business growth?


The business competition is quite tough these days. New and effective strategies required to expand and stand out. The online world has created many impactful ways, assisting in the marketing of services and product. One of the ways that making an impression and helping in better online presence animated videos. it one of those effective strategies which help to boost business and provides better outcomes.

Animated videos made by combining audio and visual effects and inserting images taken from different sources. The procedure includes designing, layout, drawings and different photographic sequences. The application of multimedia effects and special effects gives the illusion of movement. The multimedia animated videos include texts, clip arts, visuals, audios, videos and animation.

animated video

These days animations are being used everywhere whether it’s Tv commercials, formal presentations or model designing. These videos are the best way to explain a concept and highlight the key points in a simple yet effective manner. The use of animated videos in the growth of the business can cause a huge difference as It keeps the targeted audience engaged.


It helps you engage with targeted customers Research shows that one-third of online activities based on watching videos. Therefore, it the best way to engage your targeted audience. Create impactful content by using animated videos to capture potential customers.

Improved SEO

Inserting animated videos in your website is a great way to rank your business in top google searches and hence, improved SEO. Animated videos are helpful as they increase the amount of time customer spends on the website which results in an explosive growth of the website.

Clients easily understand the product

It is a great way to grab the attention of clients and impress them. Nobody wants to watch boring PowerPoint presentations. Therefore, it advised using the services of explainer video production to create interesting animated videos highlighting the features of the product and keeping the client engage and interested throughout the video.

Expand reach

Every business owners want to reach as many customers as possible. Ith the help of effective animated videos you can expand your reach via Facebook, Linkedln In, Twitter and other social media applications.

Promotes brand development

Through animated videos, you can be creative and add appealing colour schemes, logos, brand icons, themes and brand images etc. Animated videos are undoubtedly, effective marketing tool that helps to promote business, services and ideas.

What are the different types of animation videos?

Different types of animations are used to create impactful content such as 2D animation is the common and most used type of animation. Two-dimensional images are created according to the height and width of the video. 2D animation is widely used in creating animations.

3D animation is created by adding depth to the height and width to 2D images. By adding texture, objects, lights and realistic setting and the insertion of 3D images makes visualization of videos better. Effective brand marketing involves the usage of 3D images. Explainer videos services are very effective to highlight features and product offers. Text and graphics in the videos make it lively and engaging.

Whiteboard Animation videos are gaining popularity as it illustrates artwork with the help of pen and marker on the whiteboard. It is widely being used in the marketing of businesses as it is quite effective in engaging the audience.

Importance of animated videos in a business

Once the product is created, it requires smart and effective marketing for its growth. Therefore, connect with the right video production company and create an engaging animated video showcasing the right features of the product. There is no doubt that the right marketing can easily boost the sale rate of the product.

It helps to boost the SEO of the website

According to the Google algorithm, search rankings include the amount of time spent on a website therefore, incorporating animated videos is the best way to boost the SEO of a website. Searches show that most searches pages include animated videos.

Easy to understand

The use of 2D images or whiteboard is an effective way to describe the features of the product. Due to simple explanation and graphics, the client will understand better.

Animated videos create an impact

Animated videos showcasing features of the product in a compelling manner, plays a big role in engaging customers. The customers will remember the features due to the use of illusions and effects. Therefore, the use of animated video is the best way to connect with customers.

How animated video helps to grow business?

If you want to expand your business and reach more potential customers then the animated video can do wonders. Just make sure to use the right techniques. Therefore, it suggested seeking an animated explainer video production, in order to incorporate the right animations and do the right marketing.

Easy to share

Due to the multiple options available, it is easy to share animated videos. It helps you to connect with potential customers and increase the visibility of video.

Generates audience interest

If you create engaging content, the viewer will automatically take an interest in the product. These videos assist in establishing the online presence of the brand or product, ultimately attracts the interest of the targeted audience.

Enhanced conversation rate

Business goals achieved by incorporating the right marketing strategy. Animated videos help in achieving improved sales goal and create a long-lasting impression on the viewer.


From the above-stated factors, it is clear that animation videos play a huge role in conveying the clear, concise and right message to the targeted audience. It not only promises growth of business as well as higher returns in investments.


How much does an animated video cost?

There no fixed cost for videos. It entirely depends upon the need, style of animation, themes you want. Video production costs according to the demand of the client. There are different packages available at different video explain productions. You can choose from them according to your business goals and needs.

How long the video should be?

The video should be about 60 seconds but as it depends upon the content you are displaying. The length can go 90-120 seconds as well.

What can I achieve using videos?

Explainer video production provides you umber of services that will help you achieve your desired business goals such as

  • More customers
  • Greater audience engagement
  • More traffic on the website
  • Improved visibility of the brand
  • Conveys clear message with a long-lasting impression

Telling a Powerful Tale Through Animated Videos

Present-day technology has a massive impact on the animation industry; pushing professionals to keep innovating and leveling up in order to keep up with the current. Every year, new trends continue to take the industry by storm, shaping how we perceive the art of animation. Animation doesn’t just work for entertainment purposes, it also acts as a powerful tool for businesses and organizations.

See, companies nowadays use explainer videos to share their message and advocate their mission. Looking at it, major brands utilize animated videos and motion graphics to tell their brand stories. Their success draws startups and small businesses to try to use these masterful videos for their own.

However, it’s not easy to find the right production team that can create stunning animated videos for your project or business. At Explainer Mojo, we create unique, bespoke, and slick animated videos that link ideas to emotions. Based in London, our company is widely known for its passion for creating engaging explainer videos for businesses of all sizes.

That said, we want to prove to you that we have what it takes to deliver what we promise. Just recently, we’ve received our first review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform dedicated to helping corporate buyers learn more about different service providers.

An analyst from Clutch conducted an interview with the Founder of Medyca, a healthcare connection program. The project is relatively new, and our team had the honor of working on it during the first two months of the year. Telling a Powerful Tale Through Animated Videos

Our team created an animated explainer video that showcases the client’s services from a third-party customer’s perspective. The client genuinely appreciated our efforts, and according to the review, we’ve exceeded their expectations.


When the analyst asked about the most impressive aspect of the engagement, the client responded:


“The video is great. I liked that they were completely open to revisions to make sure little details were exactly how we wanted. Their service was definitely above my expectations.”

— Founder, Medyca


We are truly thankful for this lovely review. It’s a great sign of what’s ahead for our team this 2021. We look forward to creating more incredible videos for our clients.

The Manifest

Explainer Mojo isn’t just known for its video production services. Our company recently recognized by The Manifest, a B2B news platform, as one of London’s best sound effect companies.

This acknowledgment feels surreal. We are truly grateful that our other services are also recognized. Interested? Shoot us a message and let’s collaborate to bring your dream video to life.

How to become successful entrepreneur?

Having an idea and starting up a business is not enough, you have to reach your goals too. You are probably asking yourself how to become a successful entrepreneur. It takes hard work and persistence just to begin with. There are studies that show that successful entrepreneurs have similar basic characteristics and they also follow similar patterns.

successful entreprenuer

If you are trying to achieve something you really need to be very passionate about that. You have to be willing to sacrifice a lot. You have to work long hours at the beginning, this means no weekends or holidays off. If you have a passion about what you are doing you can pass the same passion to everyone that joins your team. If you posses that passion, your team and your customers can feel that and they will truly believe in what you are doing.

Focus on every opportunity that arises. Most of the companies suffer because they are doing too many things rather than doing only few things, and they cannot provide the right quality.

If you want something you have to work hard for it. There is no such thing as overnight success. Every successful entrepreneur gives 100 percent of his time and knowledge in everything he or she does.

The road to success is very long, so do not forget to enjoy the journey. You have to focus on goals of course, but most of the successful people focus on the journey and have the time of their life.

Your heart and your gut should be your best guides. Think of a time when your heart told you that there was something wrong and your brain was trying to find a logical explanation. A faint voice which is based on instinct can resonate very strongly.

learn how to be flexible

You have to learn how to be flexible, but at the same time you have to stay persistent to the mission of your business. Every successful entrepreneur always knows how to balance the things.

explainer video

It is very difficult to become successful only as an individual, it is impossible to be good at everything. For this reason, you need a team of people who have different skills. You have to find the right people who can complement your skills, people who are good at what they do and at the same time at what you cannot do.

Honesty and integrity are two qualities that every successful entrepreneur should posses. I cannot think of a person that achieved success without these qualities.

Never forget the people who have been with you all the time. Once you achieve success do not forget who have helped you along the way. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who have helped you, if you own a big business, but you can help people you know that need help. We can hope that they will help more people when they can. It is every person’s responsibility to help those in needs. If you are doing this, you are showing your employees and your customers that you are a good person and they will not only trust you but they will respect you too, which is even more important.

If you are a startup and looking after some tips to skyrocket, Here you can find few tips for your startup

” Explainer video is just like the extra toppings of your pizza which makes an ordinary pizza more delicious “

 Marketing is the primal tool for the proliferation and amplification of any kind of business throughout the globe. The New York Times defined marketing as “the art of telling stories so charming that people lose track of their pockets”. The better businessman are better marketers. The thin line drawn between successful businesses and the flop ones is marketing, and there is no healthier or superior way of marketing than explainer videos.

 Over 3.6 billion people world wide use social media and this number is more likely to increase to over 4.41 billion in 2025. Social media has now become the basic source of marketing, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other platform marketing is done everywhere, and if you are an owner of a business and you want your products to reach maximum viewers through marketing there is nothing better than an explainer video.

 Einstein said “if you are unable to explain something to a child you do not understand the thing yourself” explainer videos are for everyone, whether its your grandma or your teenage son, your servant or your boss, a farmer or a computer professional, all of them can easily understand the explainer videos made by us. We formulate the explainer videos in such a way that its fun watching our explainer videos.

Why Explainer Video ?

Explainer videos are just like the extra toppings of your pizza which makes an ordinary pizza more delicious, explainer videos are the brightest of the jewels in the crown of marketing or business development. Explainer videos act as the primal trigger for the boosting up of sales. There is no better way than an explainer video to transfer your emotions and intentions to the customer directly.

 People usually don’t even have time for themselves in this busy era of technology and digitization so they don’t tend to watch lengthy, dull and boring advertisements, explainer videos have made it easy for them to watch the commercials of their favorite things. Explainer videos are designed in such a way that these does not gulp the time of the customers which is most important for them and us as well, they are short in length but full of knowledge. Explainer videos are the prime source of knowledge transmission from the minds of makers directly to the consumers of the things made.

Statistics on Explainer Video Marketing

Statistics over the years have clearly stated that explainer videos are on the top of the list for effective, practical and impressive marketing and campaigns of any kind. We are not telling you all the pros of explainer videos just because we are the producer of explainer videos but to enlighten you with the reality that explainer videos are acting as vertebral bones for the growth and production of any business. 775 million people at present moment are unable to read, explainer covers them also. KISS metrics have came to know by there recent surveys that videos induces 380% more chances for call to action than any other sidebar.

 It is rightly said that ” a picture explain a thousand words” now you can vividly imagine how many words can be explained by a video as it is succession of thousand of photos rapidly. Our brain evokes more emotions when it sees moving things rather than a still picture.

Videos can also add non-verbal type of communication, by the body language or verbal tone and facial expressions, any viewer can get the exact message which the content creator is trying to spread. As a matter of fact a viewer is 27 times more fitting to click on a video rather than any other medium. Social videos are shared 1200% more than pictures and text combined.

Why Explainer Mojo ?

 The exceptional thing about our team is that they create such explainer videos which are on the top of ladder among explainer videos worldwide. Dedication, devotion and tenacity shown by our team is the sole reason for this. Our artistic explainer videos have inspired many and are waiting for your order to charm millions of others as well.

 The best of the work in this world is to help others achieve their goals and we are doing exactly the same. We have ameliorated many and are willing to advise and help as much as we can. Give it a go to our explainer videos and you will see a clear difference of your standing with those who had not acclimated themselves to changing skies in this world.  Thank you

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5 Social Video Marketing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing.

According to Cisco, 80%of all web content shall be video based. Each year linear TV declines at a rate of 10%. This means that the entire TV advertising industry – $200 billion- will be in some time programmatic. Many companies now prefer Social Media marketing over other marketing channels, You should also include social media in your video marketing campaigns but make sure to avoid these mistakes in your social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing MistakesHere are some statistics:
  • * YouTube has 3 billion users and most of them access using mobile device.
  • * Facebook has a monthly audience of 1.7 billion people.
  • * 82% of all Twitter use the platform to watch video content using mobile devices.
Video marketing is at the fore front of this transition from TV to mobile devices. There are certain mistakes that you might be doing in your video marketing campaigns: If you are still not doing any video marketing for your business you should read more about the importance of video marketing


The core strength of social media marketing is that content can be focused on more precise audiences. The messages can be specific and target customer needs by studying past purchases, predicting future ones, location and other factors. More generic messages and advertising campaigns will have a much less effect than broader messages.  


  All social media platforms allow customers to bid in their own unique way. To ensure a solid ROI you need to understand the value of interaction with each customer. Animated explainer videos can help bridge the communication gap of customer and vendor. There are certain marketers who make generic ads each year and which become 10% less effective as each year passes. This is corporate suicide.  


  Mad Men days are long gone now. You can’t charge a million dollars for making an ad that will take six months to produce and for a mass audience. Consumers want ads that are specifically targeted at them. Explainer video companies need to focus on audiences and make shorter videos of high quality.  


  Most Facebook users, around 99% of them will silently watch a video before scrolling down. Only 1% of the users click on a video related to an advertisement. So for animated explainer videos to be truly effective, they have to be able to get their point across in those first few seconds.  


  A good explainer video understands the fat that not all videos will have a positive impact and result in good business. To counter this problem you need to have a good content creating team constantly producing quality content and a solid analytics staff that can segment audiences again and again. To have a satisfactory campaign it is imperative to avoid these mistakes and the best way to do it is via explainer video in your marketing campaign. If you are not sure how to take use explainer video for your business, Here are five ways your business can use an explainer video. It simply Boost your reach, Engage Audience and Increase Lead Conversion.
  Explainer videos are an amazing trick to gather more customers for your business or product. Explainer video companies give you the best explanation of your product that you can show to your customer. These days, animated explainer videos are all the new IN thing for a business to have. These videos give your brand a boost, and makes it easy for your customer to understand and communicate with your company. It also increases the level of interaction between a company and a customer. In this era, having animated explainer videos is a must-have for any business.

Explainer video companies give you the best solution for making these videos.

Here are 5 major ways an explainer video can help you grow your business:

Increase Brand Awareness

Like we said, animated explainer videos increase the level of interaction between a customer and the company. An explainer video contains vital information regarding what your business is all about, and what are the advantages of having your product over others. Explainer video companies know just how to work this out.

Uses of the Product

Animated explainer videos clearly tell what your product is used. Most explainer video companies who make these videos, tend to add instructions on how to use the product, in the language that anyone could understand easily. Now your product is not only advertised, but its also pretty clarified as to what it could be used for or how it could be used. Explainer video companies have the skillset of making the perfect video for you.

Google Rankings

Animated Explainer videos, and the correct use of properly strategized SEOs gives you a better and higher Google ranking. This means that when someone Googles a search about your product, there is a higher chance of you being shown on the search engine before your competitor, just because you made a video. It gives your brand some worth and power, and you have a better chance at facing competition and opposition.

Increase Audience Retention

Like we mentioned, it is important to keep your potential customer interested enough for him to keep watching the video. So firstly, make the video interesting enough to actually be able to get people to watch it. Secondly, get your action button placed close to the video. The first few seconds after someone watches a video are crucial to turn a potential customer in a real one.

Increase Sales

Once you have provided an amazing animated explainer video, and your customer has the option of buying it right in front of him, you will turn him into a customer much easily, and your potential customer will easily become a permanent customer.

How to promote your business

If you are running a business you would most definitely like to run a successful one, and one question in your mind will be how you can promote your business?. An integrated part of any business is its promotion. Through a promotion a given business expands its customers. You can promote your business in many ways, you can use a combination of methods which will suit your needs and circumstances.
  • Get a brand image or logo

You should create a brand image or a logo for your company. This way you will get credibility and you can grow your brand by putting your logo on your business cards, on your website and do not forget to place it on your merchandise material as well.  
  • Improve your  social circle

Always meet people who are in the same business as you are. This way you will not only learn about your competitors but you will also spread awareness about your business. You can meet people who are professionals in related business as you are if you attend networking meetings. Always introduce yourself at the meetings, say how your business work and what you offer that is different from others. Ask questions during some discussions, you can promote your business this way and you will encourage others to do the same. At the end, hand out your business cards.
  • Advertise

Advertise your business. This should be the key to success. This way you are letting people know that you exist and at the same time you are telling them what products or services you offer as a company.  Advertise your business on billboards or storefront signs.  Place advertisements in magazines and newspapers. You can also promote your business to broad audience through television and radio commercials. Pass out promotional materials in parking lots or at store fronts. You can also send email, you have to purchase a mailing list beforehand, to potential customers. One of the best ways to promote your business nowadays is via the Internet. Set up a website, run a blog, use pay-per-click and banner ads. Another great thing here is that not only you benefit from Internet marketing, but you can use many Internet marketing mediums free of charge by making a viral explainer video for your business.
  • Build Connections

Build partnership with other organizations, because this can be very effective advertising tool. If you are a newly established company it might be difficult to build a business with an already established company. Every business understands the value and the lack of value and for that reason they might want something in return. Use the power of social networks. Sometimes you can rely only on your fans and they will do all the work for you. Offer free stuff, such as pens, calendars, with your company`s name and logo. Things like these are great merchandise idea because people use these things for extensive period of time. Make good relationships with your customers. It is very important that you treat your customers as people and build personal relationships with them. If you put an effort with your customers, you will not only keep them as your customers but they will also promote your business to people they know. Try to encourage your customers to share their positive experience using your business. The most powerful tool is a satisfied customer talking about your product or about the quality of your work.

Explainer Videos and Other Marketing Channels

Explainer videos have shown proven effectiveness in growing a business. So if you own a business and you want some instant success than explainer video should be your thing. They are an excellent marketing tool that every business should use.

Some surveys have shown that customers are more likely to purchase a product or a service once they see an explainer video for it. These videos are also showing how many potential customers a certain product might have by the visitors that watched the video online.

There are so many ways that a text can be interpreted, but videos, they are way different. They take the guess work out and they are explaining the basic use or function of a given product or service. This video will also help you connect with your customer once you explain what are you or your business able to do for them. You will also show your potential customers why your business is better than the competition.

If we are speaking statistically, websites that are stale do not do well. If your website has endless pages and images it will most certainly rank low on the search engines. This means less exposure and less people will know about your business. Explainer videos will grab the customer’s attention immediately. They can make a fast decision if they see a visual description of a product or a service rather than reading a long description of the same.

You do not have to use this video only on your website, but there are a lot of video hosting sites that will allow you to upload your video free of charge. You can also use some keywords which can draw interest to it. It can be very easy to share a video on your mobile device, we cannot say the same for the text web pages. Most of the people will watch videos and will share them rather than reading text blocks on websites.

No one enjoys sitting around and watching long format videos, your potential customer will not either. For that reason you will need a short one-to-two minutes video. Grab the attention in the first couple of seconds and you will be sure that your video will be watched.

There is a big competition in online marketing. You have to find the right tools to promote your business for that reason it has been proven that explainer videos do wonders because it is one of the most effective tactics that can be used. They are better than any other marketing tool that is available these days. For this reason, you should be willing to invest in an engaging content in order to promote and to explain what your company has to offer.


Importance OF Video Marketing

You may ask yourself why you need video marketing. For every business, no matter if it is big or small, a video promotion done in right way will do wonders for your company. The only thing you need to do is to find the right video production company which offers explainer video services, and they will get the work done for you. If you want your business to boom you will need to create explainer video in order to hook new clients.

Convey Your Message Direct To Your Customers

Every video gives you an opportunity to talk with your customers. This way you are allowing your customers to know what you as a company have to offer. This can be especially important for small businesses. There is a proof that on every search engine videos are more likely to appear on the first page rather than text pages. Websites that include videos receive more clicks than articles without videos, and we all know how important marketing is, especially online marketing these days. The best thing you can do here is to hire a video production company which has experience and which offers explainer video services. Even if you have low budget, this is something you should definitely invest in if you want to succeed.

Things To Keep In Mind

There are couple of things that you should keep in mind when you are ordering an advertising video. Firstly it has to be short. You want to explain shortly what your business is about in just one minute, because you want to inform your potential clients, and you most certainly do not want to be boring. Then, you can put some pictures of your location or your employees or your product in the video too. You will definitely want to include something personal in your video. It can be a message from one of your employees or a satisfied customer. Add some humor. This will make your video more appealing to your customers. Always make sure that your customer can find you after they have watched the video. Add your address, your email, phone number and do not forget to add a map as well. And at the end it is all about marketing. Post your video on YouTube, on your website, if you have a Facebook page you can post it there as well, if you do this it will be easier to find your company.

Final Words

We have to admit that the competition can be fierce, one step you can take here to stand out in your field is to create explainer video. This way you can provoke an emotion within your customers. If your message is thoughtful and meaningful, you might provoke some clients to impulse buy your product. And at the same time people will know that you exist. When they are searching for a certain product, if you have a video for your business, there is a great chance that they will come across your video. Just put some effort in creating good explainer video and you will see your business grow.

Tips for Startups

If you have a good idea and you are ready to begin building a new business, you will probably find yourself asking where to start. What are the first steps that will take you in the right direction? The first step towards success is to have a plan in place. If you have a business plan and a direction you will be more successful. There are so many free resources online that will guide you through while you are structuring and writing your business plan. When you finish the plan, follow it. You cannot do all by yourself, so do not try to do it. If you do not have a big budget, then try to find volunteers. Try to get more people on board who already have experience, like mentors, who can help you in your business. Learn who are you trying to reach? Find out who needs your product or your information? Always take the time to do market research and make a list of who you are selling to and find out how to find them. Make sure that you stay in touch with your audience and see how they feel about certain product or service, whether they like it or not. You can create surveys and this way you can find out how they really feel. Do not forget, criticism will only help you improve. At the beginning, you can easily get side tracked by opportunities that seem like a good idea, but they are not. If you try to juggle multiple ventures you will lose effectiveness and productivity, so try to do one thing perfectly rather than do ten things poorly. You must know what you need to earn to keep your business afloat. Always set realistic goals, and try to make them happen. You have to set your rates like you are selling the value of your product or service, and not the service or product itself. You might ask yourself why there are so many entrepreneurs that succeed, while there are others that do not. You have to want it badly, it is that simple. Those people that succeed, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen. It is not easy to run a business, especially at the beginning. You have to be prepared for the long hours of work and no sleep, tough critics and also disappointments. If you are tough enough, and you go through all the tough times then you will succeed in the end. Take the first step. You cannot wait to have it all together because that will never happen. If you have spend enough time planning and you have a great idea and you also have idea where you are headed then just go for it. Be prepared for new ideas too, be prepared to make some changes along the way. You will never know what a great journey is ahead of you if you do not take the first step.

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