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Our focus is to highlight your app’s features, product details, benefits or even concept with an explainer video.

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First, we gather all possible information to understand your ideas thoroughly. Next, we proceed to write the script, which serves as the outline for the entire video. We send you the draft for comments, make revisions if necessary until you approve the script.


Well, this part is really fun and exciting for both parties! After you approve our script, We then turn your script into colorful, scene-by-scene visuals so you can get a hint of how the video would look and send feedback. If your video needs characters, we’ll also design those and submit them to you for approval in this stage.

Voice Over

Here we are dealing with voice-overs. You will surely have fun picking out the voice and the accent you like the best. we'll go ahead and lets your chosen artist narrate your app explainer video. We will also share it with you to have your approval and then proceed for the final stage


Once all segments of creating artwork are done, our team is up for another round of action, put together everything, and bring your video to life. We send you the video file to download (normally in .mp4) and after performing any final revisions, it's a pack up and your video is ready to be shared with the world.

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An Animated explainer video works as an excellent marketing tool for more or less any industry.

We help you stand out from the competition and have a grip on your audience. With a team of skilled graphic designers and animators. Most importantly, we ensure the entire process is fun and exciting for everyone involved.





The app explainer video must be embedded with tempting text narration. The script producers of our company are sincere in compiling dazzling work. Further leading to the spread of the message and the conversion of the viewers. Our primary aim is to provide a precise and exact script that's too exact with shouting out your narrative and demonstrate your app that leaves no doubts.

distinctive ARTWORK

We possess a high potential team in artwork, so innovative and creative artwork is just what we produce. We specialize in putting together a unique but formal display, verifying that your brand boosts up and becomes prominent amongst many.


The customer feedback, reviews, and actions determine how to learn a particular customer's behavior. Consequently, knowing the customer mindset while production or after task completion leads us to the path of betterment. Indeed let us create an app explainer video nearing expectations.


Our nominations of the best voice-over artist are based upon their dedicated approach to the profession. Therefore, their approach towards the tone and the accents are well-defined. The crisp and brisk voice delivery with the exact execution of tone and accent will surely let you pursue the deal. Equally important is the placement of numerous illustrations and alternatives to value your choice.


The curiosity and eagerness to know the progress of your work is always at its height. We understand that it's essential to make you aware of how our professions advance to avoid inconvenience. We will make sure that you are kept updated during the different stages of video production.


Your trust in us will certainly be valued. The confidential details of your brand that you provide will be kept in secrecy. We assure you that none of the information you provide will be open up for whatever reason. This is our commitment, and it’ll be more satisfying to sign NDA so that you attain comfort.


It's our responsibility to let you end up with maximum results. We are obliged to create a good environment with our precious efforts in the shape of edits, manipulations, and alterations. We'll always be there to correct the mistakes without taking them as a burden. However, it's obvious to assume that there won't be too many revisions, but if you want us to review, we'll be up for that.

short-notice DELIVERY

We are always there to assist you in letting you through an upcoming launch. Our staff is always ready to put together explainer videos even within short restricted timings. So there’s no need to fear deadlines!


Another issue resolved! We don’t only work for English scripts. We have access to multilingual experts who can assemble your app explainer video in whichever language you ask for. Target audience with their native language for better understanding. We’ll be covering any of those common ones out of 6500 languages spoken all over the globe.


We have continuously stressed the fact “price according to the efforts required for the specific work.” Our utmost priority is to ease the burden upon the clients; thus, we have drafted a price structure within your range. We know the value of your money, therefore we’ll ease out the money matters even for the newcomers in the market to foster their growth and confidence.


As soon as you connect with us, we’ll appoint a project manager that’ll be in continuous contact with you. This will ensure that all the doubts are minimized, and an error-free app video explainer is produced.

Cost Effectiveness

You must know that the work we aim to produce is far better than what the client pay. Our utmost effort is to exhibit professionalism and not just work within the confinement of the price you pay. Moreover, our objective is to build upon the trust and not to disappoint you. That’s what differentiates us from others.

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You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. The complete details of the video ownership and its rights are published in our Video Services Agreement.
We have a huge list of trusted clients who have always chosen to work with us. The list includes some of world market’s biggest names and they’ve trusted us every time because we value and loyalty and honesty to our clients above everything.
We put a collaborative effort from around the world from different trained professionals who are masters in their fields. These people include animators, background voice-overs, composers, directors and sound designers. While we also have people working in-house with us, we form a team that focuses entirely on your project and brings out the best suitable video for you.
The video we make will be a team collaboration that will include your input as well. After each part of the video is made, you will be asked to make revisions and edits. After everything is revised, we will put together the final masterpiece.
The final costing of the video ultimately always depends on the content, style, theme and complexity of the video. A generalised amount for an animated video usually lies somewhere between $12-25k, however this may vary according to the video length. Live action videos usually range somewhere between $30-35k since its dependent on the number of days and locations required.
A proper and attractive video is usually somewhere between 30-120 seconds long, a time long enough to send out a proper message and be relatively less time consuming to avoid being too annoying. This may mean that we have to cut out some of your favourite parts but only more important parts will be considered over those.
We’ve been making videos for all types of brands and industries. This means that we are trained for working on TV commercials, explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, customer testimonials and live action videos.
The production time behind a video usually makes up for 4-5 weeks which is totally dependent on the length, type and complexity of the video. This does not include the time we give you for your feedback, which, on average, is usually 3-4 weeks, and is dependent on the number of requests and edits you ask us to make in the video.
  1. Forming a concept and building a script around it.
  2. Working behind the story of the video.
  3. Drawing the illustrations and the background voice clips.
  4. Developing the animations.
  5. Broadcasting and reviewing.
  6. Publishing it for your access.

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