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Humans have shorter attention span than a goldfish - No more than 8 seconds
This means you have merely a few seconds to grab your buyer's attention
- we help you get that -

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Our Production Process


First and foremost, we always listen responsibly and note down your purpose, video goals, and specific requirements. Later, we pass it towards our proficient scriptwriters, where they start sewing the words for your script. When the first draft of your writing is ready, it is then forwarded to you for feedback. Upon your suggestions, we fine and turn the current into the final script.


Here, our storyboarders tight their belts to start creating frame structures for your video. Initially, we will share few scenes with you that give you a quick overview of the artwork. Upon your approval, we complete the storyboard and again share it with you for feedback. Once you thumbs up for the current, we move to the next step

Voice Over

A fresh and appealing voice plays a vital role in making the video more powerful and effectively conveying your brand’s message. To make your finalized video influential, we present you with multiple voices of our diverse voice artists to choose from. We use your picked voice-over artist to narrate your video. And yes, we do share it with you to get your approval.


In this last step, we join all of the scattered pieces and make them as one final piece of animation. We rest assure that animations don’t contain any flaws or glitches. Also, we enhance the whole video and make it the way you have imagined. At this time, we give you the final work. But, if you want us to tweak it a little bit, we are always up to do that.

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Not Just A Video Animation Studio, We are Video Strategists

An Animated explainer video works as an excellent marketing tool for more or less any industry.

We help you stand out from the competition and have a grip on your audience. With a team of skilled graphic designers and animators. Most importantly, we ensure the entire process is fun and exciting for everyone involved.





The script is the main essence of your animated explainer video that adds life to it. Additionally, our writers are skilled enough to put the spell of their magical words into your video to convey your message influentially


For our clients, we always make sure that the creative we are creating for your animated explainer video is one-off. Our designers and creative professionals always make custom-made work to meet your specific brand requirements, values and aims.


From color schemes to conceptualization and visualizations, every bit of work is backed with human psychological studies that make our actions powerful enough to obtain desired results. Not to mention, we analyze the effects and improvise them for better performance.

Professional Voice Overs

Our artists have a solid grip over conveying diverse tones and accents and they understand the value of delivering the right emotion. Selection of accents and delivery are two decisions that you will make. We share their prerecorded work with you. So you can pick the one you prefer.


We don’t leave you thinking about your video all day long. We understand waiting for something is frustrating, and we don’t let you experience that. We always keep you aware of the progress of your work.


From our working agreement until putting an end to the work, we always make sure that your shared business details or sensitive information keeps just between us. We keep it secret and won’t disclose it anywhere, to ensure that we are happy to sign NDA


Though we always put our best efforts to do the work up to your expectations, however, if you didn’t like the job or want us to tweak it, we are ready to make it the way you want. No matter how many times you knock on our door for modifications, we don’t leave you unhappy and frustrated.


Whether you have an upcoming launch or a last-minute project, we have got your back. Our team is always prepared to deliver videos on short notices so that you can meet your deadlines.

Multi-lingo Grip

Regardless of how much your audience is from a different region with a foreign language, you can ask us to create a video for you. Because we are capable enough to produce the one in which the language you ask.

customized and fair PRICES

At Explainer Mojo, our top priority is your success and business growth, which is why we conveniently provide our animated explainer video services. Thinking how? Our services are customized to make it according to your budget and requirements while giving you the excellent value you deserve.


We love to treat your premium. We won’t leave you just on regular customer support; likewise, most of the businesses do. Instead, we will assign you an project manager who will guide and answer all of your queries through out the process.

Cost Effectiveness

The exciting part of getting our services is that you don’t get out of cash. We are cool and not greedy at all. thus. we will create and send you the desired animated explainer video without breaking your bank. We even give more than you pay for.

We Have Done Some Impressive Work for our clients In The Recent Past
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James Rector

Owner & Founder
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Producer and Editor
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Have Questions ? We Got Answers !

You’ve paid for it, and you own it. It is up to you whether you want to publish the video or sell it for a profit. The complete details of the video ownership and its rights are published in our Video Services Agreement.
We have a huge list of trusted clients who have always chosen to work with us. The list includes some of world market’s biggest names and they’ve trusted us every time because we value and loyalty and honesty to our clients above everything.
We put a collaborative effort from around the world from different trained professionals who are masters in their fields. These people include animators, background voice-overs, composers, directors and sound designers. While we also have people working in-house with us, we form a team that focuses entirely on your project and brings out the best suitable video for you.
The video we make will be a team collaboration that will include your input as well. After each part of the video is made, you will be asked to make revisions and edits. After everything is revised, we will put together the final masterpiece.
The final costing of the video ultimately always depends on the content, style, theme and complexity of the video. A generalised amount for an animated video usually lies somewhere between $12-25k, however this may vary according to the video length. Live action videos usually range somewhere between $30-35k since its dependent on the number of days and locations required.
A proper and attractive video is usually somewhere between 30-120 seconds long, a time long enough to send out a proper message and be relatively less time consuming to avoid being too annoying. This may mean that we have to cut out some of your favourite parts but only more important parts will be considered over those.
We’ve been making videos for all types of brands and industries. This means that we are trained for working on TV commercials, explainer videos, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, customer testimonials and live action videos.
The production time behind a video usually makes up for 4-5 weeks which is totally dependent on the length, type and complexity of the video. This does not include the time we give you for your feedback, which, on average, is usually 3-4 weeks, and is dependent on the number of requests and edits you ask us to make in the video.
  1. Forming a concept and building a script around it.
  2. Working behind the story of the video.
  3. Drawing the illustrations and the background voice clips.
  4. Developing the animations.
  5. Broadcasting and reviewing.
  6. Publishing it for your access.

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